About Delray Care Physical Therapy - Delray Care Physical Therapy
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About Delray Care Physical Therapy

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After practicing since 1999 and owning a highly respected clinic in Palm Beach Gardens since 2005, Lou Fratto founded Delray Care Physical Therapy in 2016, in the beautiful town of Delray Beach, FL.

Lou wanted to start a boutique style clinic that resisted the current state of healthcare, and provided a welcoming healing environment. This lead to the creation of a center that was able to quickly get patients back to their active lifestyles by employing a one on one, hands on, whole body approach tailored to each individual.

With that being said, this allows Lou to uphold the promise that at Delray Care Physical Therapy, you will be treated as a member of his family! Also, you will always be met with top notch customer service and respect, and always be treated by the same physical therapist.


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