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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be a significant barrier to performing everyday tasks and enjoying favorite activities.

Lou, with his extensive experience in addressing shoulder issues, is dedicated to helping individuals find relief and regain their range of motion.

It can affect basic activities like getting dressed, reaching for objects on high shelves, or even combing hair. It can be especially challenging for those who rely on their upper body strength for work or hobbies, such as athletes, manual laborers, or musicians.

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The emotional toll of shoulder pain should not be underestimated. Frustration, anxiety, and depression can all stem from the constant discomfort and the limitations it imposes on daily life. Individuals may experience a loss of independence and reduced quality of life as they struggle with shoulder pain.

Furthermore, untreated shoulder pain can lead to long-term issues, such as reduced mobility and muscle atrophy (the wasting and thinning of muscle mass). It can also impact sleep patterns, resulting in chronic fatigue and diminished overall health.

Lou’s expertise in shoulder pain treatment is rooted in his deep understanding of these physical and emotional challenges. He works diligently to create individualized treatment plans that address the root causes of shoulder pain and restore range of motion. Lou’s commitment to providing relief enables individuals to regain their independence, engage in their favorite activities, and experience a better overall quality of life.

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Posture plays a significant role in shoulder health, but it’s not the sole factor. Everyday activities often lead to muscle imbalances, with larger muscles dominating while the smaller ones, such as the rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers, are underutilized. Over time, these imbalances can compromise the shoulder’s function and stability.

What sets Lou apart is his approach to identifying these muscle weaknesses and reviving their functionality. Through hands-on techniques, these neglected muscles are awakened, ensuring they can fulfill their vital role in maintaining shoulder stability.

The shoulder lies in its reliance on muscles for control, making it highly responsive to intervention. Lou takes immense satisfaction in helping individuals regain their shoulder strength and functionality, whether it’s for sports like pickleball, tennis and golf, or activities such as yoga. Witnessing patients achieve remarkable feats, like mastering advanced yoga poses, drives his passion for shoulder health.

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Hear From Happy Clients of Ours

Please take a moment to enjoy hearing of other people, who like you, came in to see the team at Delray Care Physical Therapy – and left much happier

I have exercised my entire life along with playing golf for the past 15 years, so I certainly have some worn body parts 
I am now 65 and for the past 6 months have suffered significant shoulder pain. Couldn’t reach into my back pocket, shoot a basket ball or raise my arm higher then shoulder height. Thinking my only recourse was injections or surgery I was luckily referred to Lou. 
Spent approximately 10 visits with Lou and now have a Good amount of shoulder mobility restored and a-lot less shoulder pain. Never thought working out with rubber bands (ha ha) would amount to anything for me, however Lou is the Real-Deal…. really knows his stuff. 
It is because of his knowledge and therapy work that once again I can reach into my back pocket and shoot a basketball. Not to mention he is a genuinely nice guy. 
Ed Maass – Physical Therapy Client