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“We are a VIP boutique physical therapy clinic specializing in active people 50 and older who want to STAY IN AND EXCEL IN THE GAME – THE GAME OF LIFE!

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About Delray Care Physcial Therapy

At Delray Care Physical Therapy, you will be treated as a member of his family! Also, you will always be met with top notch customer service and respect, and always be treated by the same physical therapist.

About Lou Fratto

After practicing since 1999 and owning a highly respected clinic in Palm Beach Gardens since 2005, Lou Fratto founded Delray Care Physical Therapy in 2016, in the beautiful town of Delray Beach, FL.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Delray Care Physical Therapy

Howard Routman, DO

Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon

Lou Fratto and I have worked together treating patients with shoulder problems since 2002. The work that he has done with his own hands is unquestionably responsible for great results for the patients we have shared over the years. He has taken care of my family, and there is no stronger vote of confidence that I can give.

Ellen. R


Lou, this is long overdue, I want to thank you for helping me get my life back when I thought I was hopeless. You know that for years of having epidurals and therapy, nothing got me out of pain for very long. My next step was going to be surgery or a spinal stimulator. My doctor told me to try you for therapy before I did any of those invasive procedures. You looked at me and my MRI and said, ” I know you think it’s your back but this pain is coming from your hip”. What a leap of imagination! You helped me strengthen my hip and it worked! I have been pain free for 8 months now. Thank you Lou.

John Nangle, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Lou Fratto has been my “go to” physical therapist for over 15 years. As a physician assistant, working in the fields of pain management and neurology, He has always been there for my patients, providing the highest quality care. Patients often comment on Lou’s hand’s on approach and professionalism, as well as the family atmosphere of his rehab center. I have complete faith in Lou and his PT team!

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