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The Best Exercises To Get Out of Low Back Pain and Back to Training

Alright, so there is an absolute plethora of information out there on how to get out of low back pain.  On top of that we’ve got all sorts of products and interventions to do the trick.  We’ve got pain relief creams, massage chairs, pills, potions, surgery, stem cells, and magnets.  With all of these answers you’d think we’ve got it figured out right?


Low back pain continues to be a tremendous problem throughout the world that isn’t really improving (1,2)…  However, I think if there is one thing all experts can agree upon is that an ACTIVE approach to low back pain is still a tried and true (and inexpensive) way to reduce pain (1,2,3).  That means some sort of exercise intervention is still going to be one of the most effective strategies to reduce low back pain levels (1,2,3)  What’s even better is that strength training has actually been shown to be quite effective for getting out of low back pain (4).

Now, this is absolutely music to our ears given how much we love lifting weights.  But, if you’re reading this article I’m already guessing your lower back hurts but you haven’t stopped exercising.  It kind of seems like right now the exercise isn’t doing the trick.  So maybe it’s not just all about continuing to exercise but applying the right exercises to help us get out of pain and back to training.