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Mindfulness and Physical Therapy

You Are Not Your Thoughts The mind can be a powerful tool, but if you allow it to be your master, you will likely experience much difficulty.  Philosophers, religious leaders, and wise grandparents have been teaching this for thousands of years. However, what does this mean? What does this have to do with physical therapy? … Read more

How Does Exercise Allow Me To Avoid Injury While Golfing, Playing Tennis, Deep Sea Fishing, etc?

One of my physical therapy professors summed up the answer to this question perfectly. She taught us that in your 20’s and early 30’s, you can play your sport to stay in shape, but as you get older, you need to stay in shape to play your sport. It’s a fact of life, that as … Read more

Why You Keep Injuring Your Back

Many people injure their back multiple times over the years before ever seeing a physical therapist. I’ve heard it over and over again while interviewing my patients. They usually describe several previous low back injuries that “resolved” on their own. They also commonly describe each successive injury as more severe than the previous episode by … Read more

The Best Exercises To Get Out of Low Back Pain and Back to Training

Alright, so there is an absolute plethora of information out there on how to get out of low back pain.  On top of that we’ve got all sorts of products and interventions to do the trick.  We’ve got pain relief creams, massage chairs, pills, potions, surgery, stem cells, and magnets.  With all of these answers … Read more